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"Manager – Business Development", will be in charge in the company for continuously identifying opportunities to increase enquiry and sales volume for project business and construction related business and contributing to growth .Manager - BD will engage with the potential customers, influencers, consultants and architects for promotion and business development.

Expectation by the company:

“Manager – BD”, will identify markets   for webinar/Rinac Connect in most favourable months to  garner more opportunities in various segments. Engage with existing customers and and lost customers, various govt associations (like MOFPI/CII/NHM/NHB etc for brand building and future enquiries.

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Roles and responsibilities :

  • Plan Road shows, Webinar/Rinac connect in potential customer segments and potential customer clusters . Conduct the Webinar/Rinac connect in most favourable months and use referrals to get effective participation.
  • Engage with existing customers and and lost customers for future enquiries. Log in the enquiries recd by web and phone
  • Facilitate qualitative SPR and support Sales Team to ensure conversion ratio of SPR to Booking as at least 5:1 average on value basis
  • Work in unison with the respective Vertical Heads to Facilitate Convertion of ICC Projects to generate Revenue
  • Monthly 3 meetings with potential and existing Key Accounts in order to increase Revenue by 20% in FY 2021-22 as compared to FY 2020-21
  • Obtain and share quarterly detailed competition activity report in the region with data , inorder to facilitate the VP Business Group&  Vertical Heads can strategise pricing and action plan
  • Identifying the opportunities for increasing the business volume year over year
  • Building the necessary marketing tools such as collaterals, samples ,price lists and marketing and sales plan

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