After Sales Service

Rinac’s commitment towards customer delight has encouraged us to create Rinfra, an entity that exclusively handles our Service function. With a focus on seamlessly handling management of customer calls, preventive measures, breakdown maintenance, and ensuring timely availability of spare parts, we aim to provide service within the agreed timelines of the service-level agreement (SLA). 

Currently, we have 27 Rinfra centers across India to ensure continued support. 

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Benefits

We ensure that our customers get prompt and quality service. This has helped us improve connectivity and uptime of equipment by up to 95%. Especially in the case of perishable items, we eliminate or reduce breakdowns, resulting in higher profitability. As part of our SLA, we are committed to attending to the plant or facility within the stipulated time. 

  • Within 30 km: Between two and four hours
  • Up to 50 km: Between and 16 hours, depending on the time of receiving the call
  • Out of station: Between 12 and 36 hours, depending on the travelling time and the time of receiving the call

Activities and Services

We offer Services to Freon based installations like AMC,ALC, Spares sales , refurbishing, Relocation , Reinstallation , Recommissioning , Energy audit of old installations to assess the energy consumption and suggest replacement of old refrigeration systems to get lower energy consumption and reducing the recurring expenses resulting in more profit to the customer, Replacing of Old refrigeration systems with new ODUs and IDUs having better energy efficiency and reliability . Replacement of Cold room Insulated enclosure which is old and defective with new insulated RPUF panels having better thermal resistance. Augmentation of refrigeration capacity by supplying additional refrigeration units of required capacity to meet the additional refrigeration capacity requirement and also stand by systems also provide for critical applications. Providing of Central monitoring systems for multiple units in one location/ different locations so that the customer can access the units from anywhere through web and check the performance. We also undertake servicing of NH3 refrigeration plant similar like freon units and also provide operation & Maintenance by getting into O&M Contracts. Servicing /Repairing/ Replacement of insulated doors of different types like Swing. Sliding, SOH, Quick roil up, emergency fire exit& Industrial clean room type doors.

  • Timely Commissioning of equipment as per Rinac requests following the laid down process.
  • Warranty PM Services to all equipment supplied by Rinac for one year or agreed extended time period.
  • AMC PM services for those customers who already have AMC contracts with Rinac India.
  • Attending to break down calls as per SLA to all Systems which are under warranty or AMC with us including replacement of defective or worn-out parts.
  • Attending to customer’s service requirements which are not under warranty or AMC on a chargeable basis.
  • Supply of required spares to the customer on a need basis against customer orders.
  • Constant interaction with customers and timely converting warranty customers to AMC customers and renewing the expired AMC contract through the sales process laid down by Rinac India.

Products that Rinac can help with After Sales Service

Walk-in Chillers, Walk in Freezers, blast Chillers, blast Freezers, Incubation rooms, CA Chambers, MA Chambers water chillers, Low RH and HRH Chambers, Stability chambers, Ice Machines-Tube, Flake & Slurry, Refrigeration units for all Cold chain equipment, IQF-Spiral & Straight Line, Banana Ripening chambers, CO2 chillers, Chilkart (Refrigerated vehicles), IBTs, Preserva(Step-in Chillers)

Brands which Rinac can help with After Sales Service

True frost
Also all the other integrators

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