Premium Modular Prefab Construction Solution

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High Performance Composite Construction (HPCC) Premium Modular Prefab Construction Solution for Commercial buildings

High-performance composites offer superior qualities to traditional construction materials which are heavyweight and difficult to transport. With a high strength to weight ratio,  durability, and excellent insulation properties, HPC construction has revolutionized commercial and residential sectors.

HPCC offers quick turnaround time for your projects and higher Value for Money for your investments.

HPCC elements such as Columns, Rafters, Purlins, Girts are manufactured through a process of patented polymer and pre-coated steel transforming the components to a high strength to weight ratio composite elements. These are aesthetically superior than the conventional heavy steel construction, is non-corrosive and has no maintenance required. HPCC can be customized to suits to various tropical challenges like wind speed, rainfall, temperature and seismic zone conditions.

Roof, wall and ceiling panels are constructed with RPUF insulated sandwich panels. These panels are laminated with Pre-Coated Galvanized Iron (PCGI) on both side. Roofing panel accessories like Rain Gutter, Apex, Gable End Flashing and Down takes are provided as a part this construction technology and finally finished silicon sealant application in all joineries.

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