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Especially crafted for small to medium cold room requirements

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Cold rooms are a critical part of the cold chain infrastructure, ensuring quality and prolonging the shelf-life of perishable products. As the demand for custom cold storage continues to increase, modular cold rooms are here to stay! Modular cold rooms offer unique advantages including ready availability for easy dispatch and affordable and competitive pricing. 

Rinac has engineered a series of modular cold rooms, LiteCold, to support small to medium cold storage requirements. Equipped with insulated panels (walls and ceiling), insulated doors, and an energy-efficient refrigeration system, LiteCold offers an efficient way to hold large quantities of chilled or frozen products without quality deterioration. It offers two series of refrigeration systems to maintain room temperatures at +4℃ and -18℃.

Standard designs of LiteCold, with prompt availability and easy installation helps users to start generating revenue quickly. It is designed to perform efficiently in applications including...

Milk and dairy storage, Fruit, vegetable and cooked food, Floriculture, Food processing, Pharmaceutical storage, Hotels and restaurants, Food and retail service, Retail distribution

    Insulated panels (walls and ceilings)

    • Food-safe, high-density PUR panels with optimal thermal insulation and class O fire rating in accordance with BS 476.

    Insulated doors 

    • Easy to assemble
    • Energy-efficient insulated core with PCGI lamination material
    • High level of thermal and air tightness for maintaining temperature difference
    • Extruded Al frame gives distinct aesthetic looks to doors

    Refrigeration system 

    • Suitable for 35—45℃ ambient temperature
    • Air-cooled condenser unit with reciprocating compressor and R407C/ R404A refrigerant
    • Built-in pressure safety switches and control valves
    • Fully loaded electrical control panel with microprocessor-based temperature controller
    • Freezer evaporators with sleek casing and electric defrost

Why Choose Rinac?

Rinac has developed modular cold rooms after extensive research and deliberations, utilising deep industry knowledge and experience,

    LiteCold modular cold rooms will offer

    • Ease of maintenance 
    • Quick installation 
    • Quiet and energy-efficient operations
    • Long product life 
    • Cost savings
    • Superior durability 

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