Rinac Centre for Excellence and Training

Striving for nothing but excellence we turn beginners into experts with in-depth knowledge in refrigeration and insulation. As we take our baby steps, RCET is geared to provide you with the best possible knowledge in learning the A to Z of refrigeration.

With such robust knowledge in the refrigeration industry, we at RCET took it upon ourselves to educate others in the field as well and give the industry a much-needed boost in our country. We do not leave any page unturned while sharing our knowledge, especially with Mr. Anish possessing more than 25 years of experience which lends confidence to our faculty to train the novices in the industry.

Your experience with us will most definitely be replete with all information on the subject. We make sure to cover topics which include:

  • Basic working principles of refrigeration and insulation
  • Installation of the products and their best practices
  • Commissioning of the products, both pre-commissioning and post-commissioning
  • Erudition on relevant commercial aspects

Our authenticity is one of the pillars of our existence; we guarantee you courses that are certified and of stipulated time frames. We also gladly give you the privilege of revalidation courses. We prefer to suit your purpose, which is why we offer not just certificate courses but also advanced level courses which are imparted by our knowledgeable and proficient trainers.

Marketing and selling, projects and installation, maintenance and commissioning, design and engineering, product leaders, electrical, controls and automation, material storage, and innovation skills will all be carefully taught here. Our training tools are in complete sync with the latest technology and include videos in both 2D and 3D categories and audios from the relevant experiences of the expert trainers. 

The hands-on experience that we provide to the learners with real-time tools and measuring instruments, gives them an edge over their contemporaries. The reason our learners are so well-equipped with the subject is the consistent leverage of an absolute information-packed library that we house within our premises.

We make sure we give you a holistic understanding of every aspect of the subject. Visits to the physical sites along with the dedicated practical training at the center as a part of the training curriculum bear witness to this.

With Mr. R Anish Simha leading the way here, we made our debut appearance under the leadership of this veteran on the 1st of November 2021.

Head of RCET is R Anish Simha, who is an Engineering Graduate with more than 25 yrs of experience in the Refrigeration Industry. He is the Presidential Member of Association Of Ammonia Refrigeration, AAR, Past President ASHRAE Bangalore Chapter, Refrigeration Chair, ASHRAE Region at Large, Refrigeration Chair, ISHRAE Ref Committee , etc .

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