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RINAC is an established and a leading name in cold chain industry in India. We have been providing cold storage solutions for all applications, for over 25 years, in India and overseas. Our products are indigenously designed and manufactured, in our own manufacturing facilities, to deliver optimum performance. Our dedicated design and engineering team relentlessly works on upgrading and developing new products, by utilizing the best technologies available. With strict quality control in place at all levels, we endeavor to deliver to our customers world class solutions at affordable cost. This has helped us gain patronage from users & clients across the industries and regions.

Benefits of being a Rinac dealer partner

Rinac is a premium brand in the Indian cold chain industry. Rinac dealer partners –

  1. Are recognized by individual and corporate clients
  2. Are preferred over local integrators & contractors
  3. Can command higher profits & increased revenues
  4. Get reach to large & diverse clientele / prospect base
  5. Get more repeat and referral business
  6. Also get referrals from Rinac

Rinac Products and solutions

Rinac has a huge range of products and solutions to offer, for various needs, applications and industries. Rinac offerings for dealer partners majorly include:

  1. Modular / walk-in cold rooms and freezers with freon refrigeration systems, in any size / capacity and for all applications
  2. Step-in chillers and freezers
  3. Display cum storage chillers & freezers for shops and hypermarkets
  4. Freon based refrigeration systems – evaporating & condensing units
  5. Banana ripening chambers
  6. Pre-commissioned Water and CO2 chillers
  7. Refrigerated trucks and vans
  8. Insulated PUF & PIR panels, doors for cold rooms and clean construction

Rinac Support to dealer partners

Besides being a popularly accepted brand, Rinac supports its dealer partners in various ways to grow their business.

  1. Large range of products and solutions
  2. Design support: Rinac helps dealer partners in designing an optimum solution
  3. Product Training: Regular product trainings are conducted for dealer partners to make them aware of the available products and their applications, features & benefits.
  4. Sales Training: Regular sales trainings are conducted for dealer partners to upgrade their selling skills.
  5. Market information Sharing: Dealer partners can leverage market information to reach out to large number of customers with specific strategy
  6. Support in negotiation and closing orders with clients
  7. Faster product deliveries
  8. Installation and after sales support

Rewards and recognitions

Rinac presently has a network of more than 60 loyal dealer partners across the country. The dealer partners are assigned annual business targets for their allocated territories. At the end of year, the partner’s achievements are recognized and rewarded under various categories viz. highest sales turn over, highest business growth etc.

To become Rinac’s Dealer/Associate, please register your interest

Kindly register your interest if you are interested in becoming a distributor for any of the following Rinac offerings

  • Cold rooms/cold storages/Walk in cooler/walk in chiller /Walk in Freezer
  • Step in Chiller /Freezer (Preserva Range)
  • Display cum Cold Room (Saphire Range)
  • Refrigeration systems for Cold Rooms & Freezer Rooms (condensing units & evaporator units) -Freon based
  • Insulated Doors for Cold Stores
  • Turnkey -Insulation of Walls /ceiling and Floor with RPUF sandwich panels, for Cold warehouses
  • Turnkey Construction of Clean zones for food processing & other clean factories using PIR sandwich panels for walls, Roofing , ceiling , insulated doors and view glass as per HACCP standards
  • Standard size Cool Top Roofing Panels, Wall Panels
  • Walk On/non walk on ceilings
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