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Smart, Self-Cleaning and Sustainable Toilets

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In a world of depleting natural resources and an ever consuming humans behavior, there is an urgent need to live a life of sustainability. Be it in the area of food, energy, water or any other natural resources. It’s time we think and become responsible in how we use them. it’s the the least that we could do for our future generation. Rinac, has always been in the forefront of creating innovative products that has contributed to a cleaner and sustainable India, with the same goal we now bring to you a product that will bring a big difference in preserving water in the most important routine of our life: The use of toilet. Millions of gallons of water are literally flushed down the drain throughout the world every day, which can otherwise be preserved for a better tomorrow.

Easy-to-install, water-conserving toilets, JaniEco can be effectively used across the following.

Public Toilets. Hotels and restaurants. Residential areas. Workplace. Hospitals

    • keeping the pandemic situation in mind we wanted the user to have a touchless experience- Our urinals flushes water as soon as it senses a person approaches and like wise after the person exits, each flush and wash uses just 400 ml of water.
    • Our Water Closet is a state of the art technology, it uses-high pressure water cum vacuum based flush that consumes just 1.5 liters of water per flush. That is just a small fraction of water which the conventional Water Closet flush uses.
    • The best part of Janieco is that this entire toilet gets cleaned by itself by a trigger of a button. From the water closet to urinals to wash basin to the floor more efficiently and consistently

Why Choose Rinac

Our sustainable solutions have been designed for a better customer experience as well as effective water conservation. An initiative for supporting Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, these innovative toilets can help India move towards cleaner and greener city planning.

    JaniEco smart and sustainable toilets will ensure

    • Self-cleaning
    • Touchless experience
    • Water-saving flush

Want to Know How JaniEco can be seamlessly integrated into your sustainable construction?

Become an Environment Savior with Rinac!

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