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Pioneering the Ripening Process that Maintains Quality and Offers Value for Money

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Fruits are best consumed with intact flavours and freshness! However, fruits ripened with dangerous chemicals such as calcium carbide and acetylene pose a serious health risk. This chemical ripening has been banned under the PFA Rules, 1955 and The Food Safety (Prohibition and Restriction in Sale) Regulations 2011, which warrants the importance of a safe and eco-friendly way of ripening fruits.

Undoubtedly, the ripening of fruits is a critical process for many stakeholders. An eco-friendly, economical and energy-efficient ripening process translates to better value for the farmer, quality and higher market price for traders, as well as enhanced flavours and freshness for the customers.

Keeping this in mind, Rinac has introduced indigenous banana ripening chambers using ethylene, which is a scientifically proven and globally accepted ripening technology. With BananaBarn, you not only get the assurance of health and safety but also the perfect yellow colour and flavour of the fruit!

Who Should Choose BananaBarn

BananaBarn is a proven fruit ripening solution from Rinac that encompasses the 3Es : eco-friendly, economical, and energy - efficient. Moreover, we offer a range of solutions to suit all your needs! You can choose the unit or chamber based on the refrigeration capacity, dimensions, and other technical specifications.

Salient Features

    • Specially designed, economic version as a direct replacement to the units using harmful chemicals
    • Equipped with eco-friendly and state-of-the-art refrigeration system designed for trouble-free and optimum performance
    • Polyurethane foam (PUF) insulated panels along with leak-proof doors
    • Multi-compressor refrigeration rack system specially designed based on the ripening working cycle
    • Equipped with air-cooled or water-wooled condensers as per your needs
    • Forced draft coolers for good air circulation and high humidity conditions for the perfect ripening conditions
    • Powerful refrigeration system for quick pull-down of field heat
    • Intelligent temperature control for the enhanced shelf life of fruits
    • Smart gas control system for high-quality output fruits
    • Remote monitoring and control of temperature, humidity, ethylene and CO2
    • Fully automated ventilation and exhaust system as well as ethylene injection, control and CO2 exhaust system

Why Choose Rinac

Rinac’s expert team understands your ripening needs to make sure that you get value for your money and offer a great tasting experience to your customers.

    • Air-tight insulated ripening chambers
    • Refrigeration rack system with optional standby compressor
    • Air-cooled or water-cooled condensers
    • Powder-coated evaporator casing and galvanised steel with exterior quality powder coating finishes
    • Electrical control panel
    • Safety protection system for running equipment such high/low-pressure switch, differential pressure switch, overload protection, and more.
    • Ethylene generators or gas-discharge systems for ripening process
    • CO2 and ethylene analysers to monitor levels of gas in the room

Want to Know How BananaBarn Can Transform Your Ripening Process?

Let Rinac Support Your Ripening Needs in an Eco-friendly and Energy-efficient Way!

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