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Providing a Sustainable Secondary Refrigeration Solutions for Varied Working Conditions

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Brine chillers have been effectively used in low temperature (< 0℃) applications across industries including food processing, pharmaceuticals and many more. Moreover, with a focus on environment-friendly and sustainable natural refrigerants, brine chillers offer a cost-saving and energy-efficient refrigeration solution.

Rinac, which comes with an expansive portfolio of cold storage solutions has developed affordable, safe and efficient brine chillers in collaboration with SRMTec, Italy, a part of Snowman group which is a leading compressor supplier.

We offer brine chillers for a wide variety of refrigerants including ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, and so on. You can match and choose an optimised refrigerant medium depending on the brine and temperature range which can vary from -5℃ to -40℃. Moreover, with electronic refrigerant controls, you can ensure smooth and streamlined operations.

We also offer water chillers and customised units based on the MOC  to suit all your business needs.

Who Should Choose Rinac-SRMTec Brine Chillers

Rinac-SRMTec Brine Chillers find crticial applications in the following industries


Marine products

Food processing

Chemical engineering



Commercial building

Oil and gas


Scientific research

Salient Features

    Rinac primarily offers two types of brine chillers which utilise SRM “i” type patented profile with [5+7] best gear ratio for maximum operational efficiency.

    CWS Series Brine Chiller with Open-Type Screw Compressor

    • Temperature range: -5℃ to -40℃
    • Utlises SRMTec’s screw compressor technology
    • Patented design supports screw chiller from other manufacturers
    • 10—100% stepless capacity regulation
    • Selectable VI (volumetric index) results in high efficiency operation under various conditions
    • Rotor manufactured using highh quality forged steel for low temperature applications
    • Precise and high wear-resistant roller bearing with a design life of 100,000 hours
    • Innovative shaft seal structure for high sealing and wear-resistant
    • Performance which is applicable to speeds of up to 10,000 rpm
    • High-strength housing designmade from nodular cast iron with working pressure of up to 2.8 Mpa.
    • Special temperature resistant casting guarantees a steady operation under low temperature

    CWS Series Brine Chiller with Refcomp’s Semi-Hermetic Screw Compressor

    • Temperature range: -5℃ to -30℃
    • Refcomp’s semi-hermetic screw compressors with motor and screws in the same shell structure avoids shaft seal leakage issue
    • Refrigerant cooled motors of customized material compatible for a variety of refrigerants
    • Motor protection module to prevent motor burning
    • Multiple bearings paired to avoid the rotor axial/radial wear with low noise designed to last up to 80,000 hours
    • Control solenoid valves of step or stepless refrigerant capacity regulation to suit different load conditions

Why Choose Rinac

The technological collaboration between Rinac and SRMtec has helped develop innovative solutions to help you solve the real-world problems related to secondary refrigeration.

    Rinac-SRMTec Brine Chillers will ensure:

    • Compact structures
    •  Easy maintenanc
    • Low vibration and noise
    • Zero leak of refrigerant
    • High standards of reliability
    • Higher operational efficiency under low temperature conditions
    • Superior service life
    • Improved energy efficiency

Want to Ensure Higher Efficiency and Steady Operations?

Leverage Rinac’s and SRM Tec’s technical expertise for affordable refrigeration solutions!

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