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A Perfect Combination of Reach-In Chiller and Freezer. Making Refrigeration Less Stressful and More Effective Even During Power Cuts

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If you are short on space and have convenience and flexibility on priority, then a reach-in chiller and freezer is the right choice for you. Whether you own a restaurant or a food or pharmacy store, the value for money lies in the perfect refrigeration and storage of your perishable items. You would want your food items to be safe and fresh for your customers.


Rinac’s CombiNest addresses these needs perfectly! A unique combination of reach-in chiller and freezer it helps you optimally utilize your space and fulfil your refrigeration need of different kinds within a wide range of operating temperatures. Plus, with high thermal efficiency, CombiNest can maintain a freezer temperature of -23℃ for four to five hour s during power cuts.


Who Should Choose CombiNest

CombiNest offers an energy-efficient cold storage solution across the following

Small restaurants


Food courts

Food shops


Pharmacy stores



Retail Shops


Salient Features

    • Fully equipped with storage racking system with adjustable shelving that conforms to NSF or NF standards
    • Temperature range of chiller: 2—8℃ and freezer: -18℃
    • Refrigeration unit with electrical controller panel
    • Micro-processor based digital temperature controller
    • Suitable for use up to 42°C ambient temperature
    • Air cooled split type condensing unit

Why Choose Rinac

Our cold storage solutions have been designed for better customer experience in terms of cost-effectiveness, energy-savings as well as performance advantages.

    CombiNest reach-in chiller and freezer will ensure

    • Easy installation
    • Improved energy efficiency
    • Better preservation and storage even in high ambient conditions
    • Maximum safety with in-built locking systems
    • Complete functional electronic control
    • Maximum utilization of storage space with adjustable shelving units
    • Compact design features for reduced occupancy

Know How CombiNest Can Be a One-Stop Solution for Your Refrigeration Needs?

When It Comes to Effective and Affordable Cold Storage Solutions, Choose the Best!

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