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Prefabricated Insulated Roofing Panels. Going Beyond Conventional Roofing

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Looking for a smart roofing solution?

Prefabricated roofing panels offer numerous advantages including reduced installation time or speed of construction, consistent high-quality, durability, as well as reduced risk of construction hazards.

We have gone a step further to engineer these prefabricated roofing solutions that have unique insulation properties and are more effective than conventional roofs. Rinac’s CoolTop is a pre-fabricated, weather-proof insulated roofing solution for commercial, educational, and domestic buildings. Made of polyurethane foam (PUF) sandwiched between layers of water-proof and non-corrosive material, these roofing panels with thick insulation reduce the impact of extreme weather conditions including heat during the summers or incessant rainfalls during the monsoon.

Who Should Choose CoolTop

CoolTops’ exceptional heat insulation properties makes it a superior alternative for the construction of the following:


Factory buildings

Poultry pens


Service stations

Highway hotels

Educational institutions

Indoor stadiums

Salient Features

    • Rigid polyurethane foam insulation
    • Certified by ISO, OHSAS, EMS [IMS-ISO 18001 & 14001 of 2015 and OHSAS 18001/2007]
    • B2-grade fire-rated PIR material certified as CLASS ‘O’ building material in accordance with BS 476 part 6 & 7 standard
    • A wide range of working temperature, i.e.from -90°C to 90°C
    • Metal laminates of pre-painted galvanised steel (PPGS)
    • Overlap joinery with stitch screw and EPDM washers
    • Butyl sealants for leak-proof construction
    • Restricts heat transmission by 5—6℃
    • Normal density of 35—40 kg/m3
    • Absorbs the noise of rain falling on the roof surface
    • Sound-proof
    • Weather-resistant
    • The most acceptable material of construction (MOC) for HACCP and FDA approvals

Why Choose Rinac

We understand your challenges. That is why Rinac has been engineering innovative solutions for modular construction to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes across various industries.

    CoolTop prefabricated insulated panels will ensure:

    • High durability
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Swift construction
    • Increased thermal and energy efficiency
    • Hygienic surfaces
    • Lightweight yet robust construction
    • Easy of dismantling and relocation
    • Clean site work
    • Eco-friendly, CFC-free insulations
    • Construction with superior acoustic and thermal insulation properties

Want to Know How You Can Get Value for Money with CoolTop?

Utilize Rinac’s expertise and experience for smart, effective construction solutions!

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