Firearmet – FM Approved Sandwich Panels

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Ensuring Fire Resistant and Safe Constructions

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FM approved sandwich panels have become a preferred choice in the construction industry owing to their high fire resistance property, structural stability and improved performance against natural hazards. Made from CFC-free polyisocyanurate foaming material sandwiched between metal surfaces, these Firearmet panels are manufactured by the state-of-the-art foaming technology using Elastopir. 

Rinac provides energy-efficient structures with Firearmet—FM Approved Sandwich Panels  with excellent insulation and fire resistant properties. Rinac also provides engineered panels that work perfectly for flooring, external and partition walls, ceiling, and roofs.

Firearmet offers a fast and cost-effective solution for the construction of the following:

Factory. Dry warehouses. Cold warehouses. Blast and quick freezers

    • Very low thermal conductivity
    • Lamination of pre-painted galvanized steel (PPGS) stainless steel (SS) or a combination of both with a thickness of 0.5 mm
    • Fire-rated core insulation
    • Unique jointing system for durability 
    • Perfect moisture barrier due to closed cell structure 
    • Energy-efficient and significantly reduces COemissions
    • FM approval class 4880, 4881, and 4471
    • Quality controlled manufacturing as per the ISO and EN 14509 standards

Why Choose Rinac

Rinac's capabilities in modular construction extend from concept to completion. With a focus on compliance with global FM standards, these panels have been successful in meeting the growing demand for fire-protection properties, making buildings safe and and energy-efficient. Moreover, you will have the Rinac advantage!

    Firearmet FM approved sandwich panels will ensure: 

    • Hygienic, and easy-to-clean construction 
    • Minimum maintenance
    • Excellent energy efficiency and fire resistance
    • Eco-friendly solution with CFC-free insulation
    • Superior high-temperature insulation
    • Quick and efficient construction
    • Easy and clean site work
    • Industrial certifications and approvals

Want to Know How Firearmet can be seamlessly integrated into your sustainable construction?

Utilize Rinac’s expertise and experience for safe and sturdy construction solutions!

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