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Industrial Refrigeration Solutions. Enhancing Food Safety, Quality and Freshness

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The key to food preservation is keeping its flavors, freshness, quality, and texture intact whilst maintaining it for safe consumption. In fact, if the food temperature ranges from 10 to 65°C, it results in the optimum conditions for bacterial growth and proliferation. Moreover, according to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), cooked food that is not immediately served or held heated should be chilled in order to limit the growth of bacteria. To quickly chill food to a safe holding temperature, it must be cooled or frozen quickly within minutes to maintain consistency in quality, texture, taste and aroma.

Rinac’s Freezoline, a comprehensive range of solutions for industrial refrigeration includes

  • Industrial blast chillers
  • Industrial blast freezers and
  • Individual quick freezers (IQF) with both spiral and straight belt

Freezoline range helps you perfectly preserve the quality, colour and fragrance of the food as well as extend its shelf-life

Who Should Choose Freezoline

Freezoline has been designed keeping in the need of various industries. Industrial blast chillers A proven solution for chefs and cooks in commercial kitchens including hotels and restaurants. It helps reduce food wastage, save time as well as money, and streamline food preparation. Additionally, it gives you time to be more creative with your food! Industrial blast freezers A perfect and quick preservation solution for fruits, vegetables, meat products, seafood, and cooked food. Individual quick freezers—spiral and straight belt A customised refrigeration soltuionfor businesses involved in fruit and vegetable processing, meat and fish processing, ready-to-eat products, and other cooked food items.

Salient Features

    Industrial Blast Chillers & Freezers

    • Capacity
      • Blast Chiller: Capacity ranging from 60 to 500 kg with ability to handle batch production
      • Blast freezer: Capacity ranging from 250 kg to 3000 kg per batch
    • Excellent air turbulence ensures uniform chilling whilst protecting the food surface
    • Temperature control
      • Blast freezing to a temperature of -18 °C at the core of the products for micro crystallisation
      • Blast chilling from 55 ºC to 3 ºC in 90 minutes, with an entry temperature of up to 90 ºC
    • Product temperature-based cooling control for efficient cooling operation
    • Robust white laminate exterior as standard–PVC (polyvinyl chloride) coated or SS (stainless steel) 304
    • Designed to accommodate GN tray trolley for product loading
    • Food-grade material of construction (MOC)
    • Electronic superheat controller for efficient pull-down
    • Completely factory assembled and pressure tested
    • Strengthened floor with synthetic, clean finish capable of sustaining total loading, eliminating the need for RCC (reinforced concrete) or tiling
    • Optional built-in ramp system & product trolley

    Individual Quick Freezers—Spiral and Straight Belt

    • Prefabricated and also easy to inspect, clean, and maintain
    • Modules of capacity ranging from 500 to 5000 kg/hr
    • Enclosure made of energy-efficient sandwich panels with RPUF (rigid polyurethane foam) core and stainless steel and pre-painted galvanised iron (GI) metal lamination inside and outside respectively
    • Stainless steel finish floor with built-in drain system
    • Single or multiple belt units of stainless steel (SS), polyethylene (PE) or polyoxymethylene (POM)
    • Food-grade material of construction (MOC)
    • High static fans for excellent fluidization
    • Variable speed drive with motor control VFD
    • A varying fin-type cooling coil of SS tubes or aluminium fins suitable for ammonia liquid pumping
    • PLC-based control panel with touch screen and product-based operation modes
    • Automatic air defrost system (for Straight line IQF) with unique Frost Buster

Why Choose Rinac

Our modular blast chiller range is designed to cope with the multi-purpose requirement of the food service industry and enables you to take control of the cook-chill process.

    Freezoline industrial blast chillers will ensure:

    • High-performance cooling with enhanced power efficiency
    • Superior quality of chilling
    • Improved operational efficiency
    • Hygienic conditions
    • Easy installation and commissioning by trained engineers
    • Easy maintenance and cleaning

Want to Know How You Can Maximize Your Kitchen Efficiency with Freezoline?

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