InstaCeil – Premium PIR Insulated Ceiling Panels by Rinac

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Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Insulated Ceiling Panels. Going Beyond Conventional Ceiling.

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PIR panels are a preferred choice in modern construction owing to their unique properties—superior fire resistance and thermal stability. At Rinac, we utilise our expertise in modular construction solutions and the experience of working along with the industry leaders to manufacture materials that not only address your needs but also meet the necessary regulatory standards. InstCeil is no different!

Rinac’s InstaCeil, PIR insulated ceiling panels are manufactured in an automatic production line and offer a superior alternative for conventional insulated and false ceilings. A prefinished ceiling with exceptional fire-resistant and thermal properties, InstaCeil reduces radiant heat transfer and enhances your comfort level.

Who Should Choose InstaCeil

InstaCeil’s exceptional thermal properties make it a superior alternative for the construction of the following

Cold and deep-freeze rooms

Fruit and vegetable storages

Livestock buildings such as cowsheds, poultry pens, or pig houses

Logistic centres

Refrigerated warehouses

Food production areas

Manufacturing facilities and shops

Office buildings

Service stations


Salient Features

    • Certified by ISO, OHSAS, EMS [IMS-ISO 18001 & 14001 of 2015 and OHSAS 18001/2007]
    • B2-grade fire-rated PIR material certified as CLASS ‘O’ building material in accordance with BS 476 part 6 & 7 standard
    • Quick and easy-to-install with self-mating interlocking
    • Excellent insulation as R/U values drastically reduce radiant heat transfer and condensation
    • Customisation for windows and lights cut-outs
    • Plan or serrated external finish
    • Tongue and groove joints with 23 mm overlap
    • Vertical-covering support girt at 1800—2000 mm intervals
    • Specially designed suspension system
    • Pre-coated galvanised steel on either side

Why Choose Rinac

Rinac's capabilities in modular construction extend from concept to completion. We also ensure the maintenance of your InstaCeil structure throughout its lifecycle.

    InstaCeil PIR insulated ceiling panels will ensure:

    • Quick installation
    • Light-weight yet sturdy built
    • Value for your money
    • Excellent fire-resistant properties
    • Superior thermal and insulation properties
    • Ability to relocate the construction
    • Eco-friendly solution
    • Option for windows and light fixtures
    • Industrial certifications and approvals

Want to Know How You Can Integrate InstaCeil in Your Construction?

Utilize Rinac’s expertise and experience for smart, effective construction solutions!

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