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A Unique Combination of Step-In Chiller and Freezer. Transforming the Way You Preserve Perishables

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Preservation of perishable goods or food items need extra care. Whether you are in the food industry, dairy, or retail, investing in an efficient cold storage can not only help you optimize your storage space but also extend the shelf-life of your products.

What if you could solve your different cold storage needs with just one single product?

As a leader in innovative and modular cold storage solutions, we have developed PreservaCombi—a compact combination of step-in chillers and freezers to address the varied refrigeration needs across the industries. Designed for maintaining a wide temperature range in high ambient conditions, PreservaCombi is suitable for a variety of frozen and chilled items.

Who Should Choose PreservaCombi

PreservaCombi offers an energy-efficient cold storage solution across the following industries

Milk and dairy storage

Fruit, vegetable and cooked food


Food processing

Pharmaceutical storage

Hotels and restaurants

Food and retail service

Retail distribution (cold chain)

Salient Features

    • Temperature range for the chiller: 4°C to 8°C and the freezer: -15°C to -20°C
    • Powder-coated galvanized iron (PCGI) or stainless steel lamination inside and outside
    • Quick assembling and dismantling in just three hours
    • Unitary refrigeration system
    • Suitable for the high ambient conditions
    • Equipped with the universal ‘cam lock Allen key’ and man-trap internal safety release lock
    • Door handle with key security lock
    • Insulated cap for cam lock system
    • Internal lighting
    • Four-tier adjustable shelving system
    • Microprocessor-based programmable electronic control
    • Single phase power (230 V)—standard 16A power point
    • Non-CFC refrigerant

Why Choose Rinac

Our cold chain solutions have been designed for better customer experience in terms of cost-effectiveness, energy-savings as well as performance advantages.

    PreservaCombi, a unique combination of step-in chillers and freezers will ensure:

    • Sustainability with eco-friendly refrigerants
    • Easy installation
    • Improved energy efficiency
    • Better preservation and storage even in high ambient conditions
    • Maximum safety with in-built locking systems
    • Complete functional electronic control
    • Maximum utilization of storage space with adjustable shelving units
    • Compact design features for reduced occupancy

Want to Know How Preserva Is Best Suited for Your Preservation Needs?

When It Comes to Effective and Affordable Cold Storage Solutions, Choose the Best!

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