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Walk-In Chillers or Freezers cum Display Units. Addressing All Your Refrigeration Needs with Perfection

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If you are in the food-related business, your priority will be food safety and providing fresh food items to your customers. You would also want to make sure that these items are easily visible and accessible. With Rinac’s range of walk-in chillers and freezers cum display units, there is no better way to preserve food items, dairy products, and beverages for longer periods in commercial setups! Supporting various industries, these storage cum display units are equipped with state-of-the-art refrigeration technology, accurate temperature control, well-conceived compact design, and LED light-illuminated doors to enhance the customer experience. Moreover, to ensure high quality of conformance, Sapphire’s materials and components are per the NSF/ANSI standards and each unit is subjected to rigorous testing before shipment.

Who Should Choose Sapphire

Sapphire offers a versatile and customer-friendly storage solution for the following

Small restaurants

Food shops

Fast food outlets

Commercial kitchens

Dairy or milk shops

Retail stores




Wine bars

Individual requirements

Salient Features

    • Cabinets made of polyurethane-insulted pre-moulded panels of suitable thickness for easy, quick assembly
    • Display doors made of low emissivity glass, filled with inert gas, coated with an anti-fog film and fitted with self-closing hinges
    • Full-length illumination of the display unit with LED light-illuminated doors
    • Adjustable shelving units made of anodized aluminum alloy frames and polyethylene shelves as per the NSF/ANSI standards
    • Single lockable panel door at the storage/replenishing area
    • Automatic defrosting capability
    • Suitable for high ambient temperatures

Why Choose Rinac

Rinac has been a leader in engineering world-class cold storage solutions for all kinds of businesses and their preservation requirements.

    Sapphire walk-in chillers or freezers cum display units will ensure:

    • Customer-friendly aesthetic and high-quality
    • Quiet operations
    • Easy and quick back-end loading
    • Accessibility and visibility for customers
    • Energy efficiency
    • Low operating cost
    • Convenient transport and assembly
    • Easy maintenance
    • Effective racking system

Want to Know How Sapphire Can Transform Your Food and Beverage Preservation Needs?

Utilize Rinac’s expertise and experience for smart, effective cold storage solutions!

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