Hillman Cold Chain Solutions

Multicommodity cold storage near Bangalore for storage 3000MT of multi commodities including ginger, tamarind, bengal gram etc at positive temperature and 1000 MT of storage in frozen products at negative temperature. Goods are stored on Pallets and using hand pallet stacker units. The temperature maintained is 2 to 15 deg C in the positive temperature zone, & -20 to -25º C in the negative temperature zone.

Construction of cold storage is All steel Mezzanine Assisted type, in 3 levels and with curtain wall insulation with sandwich panels . Vertical lifts are used for the movement of goods up and down the levels. Multiple Freon-based refrigeration units, with air-cooled condensing units located in the outside ambient and multi-fan indoor evaporating units located inside the top level of the store, work automatically round the clock to maintain the set temperature and relative humidity in all the conditioned areas. Manual sliding doors at the entry/exit, with dock shelters, protect the conditioned area from outside air infiltration and keep the farm produce fresh throughout the storage duration.


Hillman Cold Chain Solutions, based in Hubli, Karnataka provides a cold room of 5000 MT capacity for long-term storage of perishables, serving different business segments.

We started our journey in 2018 with limited experience in the cold chain industry. It was during that time, we initiated a partnership with Rinac to utilize their expertise and experience to develop sustainable, robust, and low-Maintenance cold chain infrastructure. Following our over four years of strong association and continued growth, we have successfully commissioned projects with the Rinac including PUF Paneling, Refrigeration System and Mezzanine Storage Solutions. During all these years, Rinac has ensured superior deliverability with quality materials and skilled engineering support.

I hope that we continue our partnership for more successful projects in future!
— Savitri Mahajan & Sagar Mahajan
 Directors - Hillman Cold Chain Solutions

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