HPCC building @Coimbatore

List of Solutions Provided

HPC elements such Columns, Rafter, Purlins, connectors and RPUF sandwich panels for wall, roof and ceiling construction. This building has total area of 1100 square feet consist if sales area, office and wash room block.
HPCC structural elements such as Columns, Rafters, Purlins, Girts are manufactured through a patented process using a state of the art technology. The resultant is a combination of a special polymer, precoated steel and thin gauge steel reinforcement integrated together to form a monolithic indestructible composite element. The exceptionally high strength to weight ratio of these elements allow them to withstand substantially higher loads and stresses and resists local buckling due to the strong composite integration. These are aesthetically superior than the conventional heavy steel construction, corrosion resistant, long service life and low maintenance requirement. HPCC can be customized to withstand, various tropical challenges like high wind speed, rainfall, hilly terrains, temperature and seismic zone conditions.

Special Design

This HPCC building has been designed to suit customer’s requirement. In this design sufficient sloping provided to insulated roofing panels in order ensure easy flow of rain water and avoid leakage. However slope of the building is not visible from outside due specialised design of facia panel construction. Overall air-conditioning capacity has substantially been reduced with this construction. This is expandable, modifiable, re-locatable, eco-friendly, energy efficient and recyclable.

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