India’s Maiden Lithium-Ion Cell Manufacturing Unit


Chennai-based Munoth Industries Ltd. (MIL), promoted by the renowned Munoth Group, is setting up India’s first lithium-ion cell manufacturing unit in Electronic Manufacturing Cluster 2 (EMC 2) in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. The unit will be able to meet 60% of the country’s lithium-ion cell requirement which is currently completely imported from countries including South Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and China. Divided into three phases, the project entails a total investment of INR 799 crores on a 30-acre operational space. 

  • Phase I: An investment of INR 165 crores for the production of cells for consumer electronics such as mobile phones, power banks, and hearable and wearable devices. An initial capacity of 270 MWh will produce 20,000 cells of 10Ah capacity per day and will employ 250 people. 
  • Phase II & III: A further investment of INR 634 crores for the production of cells for the energy storage system and electric vehicles segment. After the completion of phase III, the capacity will increase to 1.25 GWh and will employ about 800 people.


Client’s Requirements

Manufacturing lithium-ion cells is not only technically complex but also requires a controlled production environment with very low humidity conditions and a low particulate facility. The assembly steps usually require a cleanroom as well as separate cleaning and packaging areas to make sure that substrates do not cause any contamination during the process. Moreover, since lithium is reactive in nature with moisture present in the air, there is also a requirement for specialized dry rooms.

Rinac’s Offerings 

Rinac is a leading solution provider for Cold Chain Infrastructure and Clean Modular Construction. We come with strong expertise in conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning turn-key cold chain projects and clean construction solutions for various industries such as horticulture, food servicing, hospitality, dairy, meat, poultry, healthcare, logistics and warehousing, pharmaceuticals, and many others. 

Project Deliverables 

For MIL’s lithium-ion cell manufacturing unit, there was a well-defined requirement for the supply and installation of bespoke Cleanroom/Zone panels spanning an area of over 7000 square meters for the entire production facility with more than 50 insulated clean room, doors, 70 view glasses and over 11 return air riser panels.

“We are very happy to share that the clean room project undertaken by Rinac India Limited for our entire production facility was done with excellent professionalism, adhering to all the safety standards and maintaining a very high quality of installation. The project was completed well on time. It is also worthwhile to mention that the response, technical competency, product quality and coordination ability were exceptional.

We will continue our association with them for all our future expansions and will be glad to recommend them to businesses in this segment.”
— Vikas Munoth
 Managing Director, MIL

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