Temperature and Humidity Controlled Warehouse

A state of the art temperature and humidity controlled ware house at Gundavaram, Telagana for storage of Vegetables Seeds. The total capacity of storage is 4704 pallets. Seeds are stored in gunny bags weighing 60 kgs each. Each pallet stacked with 8 such bags and gross to 2258 MT. In order carry out efficient storage and retrieval of pallets, we have designed a G+7 selective pallet racking technology. Reach trucks are being used to handle the pallets. It is designed to maintain 10o +/- 2C temperature and 45 +/- 5 RH with out using a dehumidifier. This technology gives customer advantage of lower initial cost and low energy consumption. Seed In the Natural environment and when stored at ambient room conditions, it respond to constantly changing relative humidity and temperatures and it become unsuitable for plantation whenever required. Maintaining seeds under controlled conditions lowers metabolic activity, there by reducing the aging process and increase longevity of the seed life span. For most of the seeds, a cool and dry environment is preferred.

Harrington’s rule state that Each 1 percent reduction in moisture content, doubles the life of the seeds. Each 10oF reduction in temperature, doubles the life of the seeds. The purpose of seed storage is to maintain the seed in good physical and physiological condition from the time they are harvested until the time they are planted.

Five most important factors for seed longevity are

  • Seed Type
  • Seed Quality
  • Integrity of the protective seed coating
  • Seed moisture content
  • Storage environment

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