LiteCold Modular Cold Rooms: A Versatile Solution for Diverse Industries

LiteCold Modular Cold Rooms: A Versatile Solution for Diverse Industries


March 25, 2024


What if there was a game-changer in the world of cold storage solutions, one that redefined flexibility, efficiency, and adaptability? Enter Rinac’s LiteCold modular cold rooms. Focused on sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and customization, LiteCold modular cold rooms present a forward-thinking solution to meet the cold storage needs of diverse industries. 

Let us delve deeper to understand more about LiteCold modular cold rooms and why they are a must for small to medium cold storage needs. 

What Is a Cold Storage Room?

A cold storage room or warehouse is a facility designed to maintain desired environmental conditions to keep temperature-sensitive products safe. The main aim of cold storage is to maintain the perishable products at an optimum temperature to stop them from spoiling and thus extend their shelf life. These facilities are used to preserve perishable products such as food grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, seafood, etc. in a fresh state by maintaining the required temperature and humidity levels within the storage system.  

There are different types of cold storage systems available depending on business and product requirements. 

  • Modular cold rooms
  • Display cum cold rooms
  • Walk-in freezers and chillers
  • Step-in freezers and chillers
  • Multi-commodity cold warehouses
  • High RH (relative humidity) and low RH cold storage

Although, the choice of cold storage solutions depends on the type of products, temperature range,  and capacity, modular cold rooms have been specially designed for small to medium cold room requirements. Unsurprisingly, they are gaining rapid popularity for their affordability, quick installation, and versatile usability.

What Are Modular Cold Rooms?

As the focus on food safety and food wastage is increasing, there is a growing need for small to medium-sized cold rooms. These cold rooms are usually built on-site with a high level of customisation and can meet small to medium cold storage requirements. 

Modular cold rooms are becoming a preferred choice of many businesses because of their proven benefits such as flexibility, quick and easy Installation, portability, reliable operations, energy efficiency, low maintenance, and versatility.

Introducing LiteCold by Rinac 

Rinac has engineered a series of modular cold rooms, LiteCold, to support small to medium cold storage requirements. Equipped with insulated panels (walls and ceiling), insulated doors, and an energy-efficient refrigeration system, LiteCold offers an efficient way to hold large quantities of chilled or frozen products without any deterioration in quality.

It is available in different refrigeration capacities to meet the varied needs of businesses of all sizes. 

Technical Specifications of LiteCold Modular Cold Rooms

Here are some features and specifications of Modular Cold Rooms that give the much-needed operational advantage.

Insulated panels (walls and ceilings)

  • Food-safe, high-density PUR (polyurethane rigid foam) panels with optimal thermal insulation and class O fire rating in accordance with BS 476
  • Insulated doors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Energy-efficient insulated core with PCGI lamination material
  • High level of thermal and air tightness for maintaining temperature difference
  • The extruded aluminum frame gives a distinct aesthetic look to doors

Refrigeration system

  • Suitable for 35—45℃ ambient temperature
  • Air-cooled condenser unit with reciprocating compressor and R407C/ R404A refrigerant
  • Built-in pressure safety switches and control valves
  • Fully loaded electrical control panel with microprocessor-based temperature controller
  • Freezer evaporators with sleek casings and electric defrost

Added Benefits of Rinac’s Modular Cold Room LiteCold

LiteCold is a preferred choice across industries and here’s why. 


Each Modular Cold Room can be built with a particular dimension and features based on the business requirement. Based on what is to be stored, the correct refrigeration system can be chosen.

Quick & Easy Installation

Once the components are ready in the manufacturing unit, assembling them at the site can be achieved efficiently and with less labour. This means your modular cold storage can be up and running in no time!


LiteCold modular cold rooms can be assembled dismantled and transported easily to new premises compared to traditional construction.

Safety, Security & Reliability

Apart from safety switches and control valves, LiteCold is equipped with features to ensure hassle-free operations and staff safety.

Complete Control 

LiteCold cold rooms are usually equipped with electrical control panels with microprocessor-based temperature controllers to detect any fluctuations.

Energy Efficiency 

The energy efficiency of a cold room is dependent on many factors including the compressor, evaporator, and condenser fan motors, the type of refrigerant used, insulation used in the walls, doors, and flooring, etc. Rinac LiteCold Rooms’ walls, doors, and ceilings are made of food-safe, high-density insulated sandwiched panels with optimal thermal insulation and fire rating for effective temperature control and overall energy efficiency. 

Low Maintenance 

A reputed cold storage leader like Rinac provides regular and hassle-free maintenance services, thus, increasing the cold room performance and service life.


Although modular cold rooms are primarily used for small to medium-sized cold storage requirements, they are a versatile solution. These cold rooms can be effectively used as chillers or freezers in ambient conditions by customising the panel material and thickness as well as the refrigeration system to maintain the required temperatures for a long duration.

Versatile Usage Across Industries 

LiteCold is a versatile and cost-effective solution for a lot of industries and small and medium businesses. A few examples include the following. 

  • Agricultural produce such as fruits, vegetables, etc. 
  • Dairy products
  • Meat and seafood
  • Pharmaceutical industry for medicines, vaccines, laboratory equipment, samples
  • Hospitality including hotels and restaurants
  • Retail and Supermarkets for packaged food supplies and dairy products
  • Hospitals for storing medicines, vaccines, and equipment as well as blood bank
  • Horticulture and floriculture
  • Cosmetic industry 
  • Brewery and Winery
  • Chemical and processing industries
  • Bakery

Final Words 

Modular cold rooms are the smartest choice for a variety of small and medium businesses. With a strong focus on food safety and accessibility, these cold storage facilities can help bridge the gap for small to medium-sized cold rooms. Easy to install, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient, modular cold rooms are not only becoming a popular choice but also finding versatile applications across many industries. 

Get in touch with us and know how LiteCold can help you fulfil your cold storage needs effectively and affordably! 

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