Everything You Need to Know About Walk-in Chillers

Everything You Need to Know About Walk-in Chillers


June 10, 2024

Large-scale refrigeration has become essential for all the industries that deal with temperature-sensitive and perishable products. Starting from food to pharmaceuticals and horticulture to chemical, they utilize robust technology and advanced refrigeration systems to create controlled environments for preservation, storage and processing of perishable goods.
In this article, we will discuss a specific cooling facility known as walk-in chillers and understand its use and benefits across various industries.
So let’s begin!

Introducing Walk-in Chillers

Walk-in chillers are an essential and effective part of any commercial business that needs large-scale refrigeration for their products. These are cold storage units designed for long-term storage of large quantities of products at low temperatures. Constructed from prefabricated and modular panels, these units feature independent refrigeration systems for reliability and efficiency. They ensure optimal stock rotation, preservation, and accessibility. Ideal for various industries like food service, dairy, and retail, these chillers help maintain product quality and safety.
Varying in sizes and configurations, walk-in chillers are convenient and can be customized to accommodate different storage needs based on industry requirements. Ranging from small units found in restaurants to large-scale used by supermarkets, warehouses, and food processing plants, they offer easy access to stored items, allowing employees to walk in and out to retrieve or store products as needed.
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Key Features of Walk-in Chillers

Here are the specifics of walk-in chillers offered by Rinac.
Temperature range: Walk-in chillers or coolers help maintain a temperature range between 2°C and 8°C for the storage of perishable products.
Fabrication details: Constructed from RPUF pre-fabricated and modular walls complete with floor and ceiling panels, these walk-in chillers are mounted on a flat, solid concrete base.
Refrigeration unit: Equipped with two completely independent refrigeration systems of which one remains as a standby
  • These units are equipped with a unitary refrigeration system with a separate condensing unit, evaporator unit, refrigeration unit, electronic controls as well as pipe work.
  • Depending upon the location and the internal room layout, refrigeration units may be one of the following types:
1. Monobloc system: Wall-mounted units with the condenser unit discharging inside the building that houses the cold room
2. Split system: Wall-mounted, with condenser units located in a separate ventilated enclosure mounted as close as possible to the evaporator units.
3. Weatherproof split system: Wall-mounted, with weatherproof condenser units located externally as close as possible to the evaporator units

Additional Features

  • Suitable for high ambient conditions
  • Equipped with internal lighting
  • Door handle with key security lock
  • Adjustable shelving system for maximum utilisation of space
  • Microprocessor-based programmable electronic control
  • Non-CFC refrigerant


Rinac offers two variants that are equally important and beneficial for varying refrigeration needs.
  • Walk-in freezers: Help temperature range of -12° C to -18° C.
  • Walk-in Coolers: Help maintain a temperature range of +2 °C to +8 °C

Key Benefits of Walk-in Chillers

There are numerous benefits of Walk-in chillers including food safety and preservation. Let’s explore form the basic ones:
1. Food safety: With a low-temperature environment, walk-in chillers are best for maintaining food quality and preserving products that are temperature sensitive.
2. Product freshness and shelf life: Lower temperatures help in maintaining the freshness of the products. Walk-in chillers are, thus, highly beneficial in extending product shelf life thereby allowing the manufacturers and retailers to store the products for a long time before they end with the consumers.
3. Accessibility and convenience: Walk-in chillers can be customized as per user requirements depending on the available space and products that are to be stored. They can be designed to offer maximum accessibility and allows the user to walk around and move products with ease.
4. Efficient storage: Walk-in refrigeration systems are great storage solutions as well. The modular panels can be arranged efficiently to utilize maximum space and can replace standalone units that occupy unnecessary space. Depending on the types and variety of perishable goods and ever-changing storage requirements for different seasons, multiple shelves with a smart racking system helps you to create a customized walk-in unit that is relevant for you at that time.
5. Energy saving: Instead of using standalone multiple refrigeration systems, a walk-in chiller with energy-efficient condenser, compressor units, high-quality insulation and energy-saving components is much more eco-friendly, efficient, and cost effective.
6. Temperature control: Walk-in chillers provide precise temperature control. This ensures that perishable goods such as food or pharmaceuticals are stored at an ideal temperature to maintain freshness, and quality.
7. Compliance: In industries like food and pharmaceuticals where complying with regulatory requirements regarding storage conditions and maintaining a specific temperature is essential, walk-in chillers help businesses by allowing better control and ensuring product safety and quality.
8. Safety and hygiene: Walk-in chillers often come with features like easy-to-clean surfaces for maintaining hygienic storage conditions. This ensures that the stored goods remain safe and free from contamination.

Which Industries and Sectors Can Benefit from Walk-in Chillers

Walk-in chillers have applications across various industries and sectors that deal with perishable and temperature-sensitive products.
1. Processed food and dairy industry
2. Fresh fruits and vegetables
3. Floriculture
4. Marine industry
5. Pharmaceuticals
6. Hotels and restaurants
7. Food Retail services such as bakeries
8. Retail distribution including malls and supermarkets
9. Biotechnology and research
10.  Hospitals and healthcare facilities
12.  Cold chain logistics

Final Words

Walk-in chillers are a crucial part of the Cold Chain infrastructure. When choosing a walk-in cold room for your business, consider the capacity, temperature requirements, maintenance costs, and energy efficiency. Rinac is a leading cold storage solution provider and offers a range of customized solutions for walk-in chillers and freezers. To know about how we can assist you, get in touch with us!
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