Optimizing Food Safety and Visibility in Restaurants and Fast Food Outlets with Sapphire Cold Storage Display Units

Optimizing Food Safety and Visibility in Restaurants and Fast Food Outlets with Sapphire Cold Storage Display Units


April 8, 2024


Often it happens that we are out shopping for groceries, we pass through the glass door refrigerator and end up carting extra products like cheese or soft drinks. just because they were on the display. Also as it happens with most of us, while eating out at a restaurant or exploring the eateries and bakeries, we order extra desserts just because they looked so appealing through the glass door display units.

One thing that’s common in both scenarios is the ‘chiller or freezer cum display unit’. So, without further delay, let’s explore Rinac’s Sapphire display units and what they can do for businesses.

What You Need to Know About Walk-In Chillers or Freezers Cum Display Units

Walk-in chillers or freezers cum display units are large refrigeration or freezing units designed for commercial use that combine the functionality of storage and display. These units are typically found in restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, and anywhere bulk food items or perishable goods need to be stored at controlled temperatures while also being visible to customers or staff for easy access and inventory management.

The “walk-in” feature refers to their size and design, allowing staff to enter and navigate within to organize or retrieve items. Whereas, the “display” feature usually involves glass doors or panels that enable visibility of the stored products without opening the unit, thus maintaining a constant temperature inside.

Introducing Rinac’s Sapphire Display Units

Sapphire display units are storage and display units that feature advanced refrigeration technology, precise temperature management, a thoughtfully designed compact structure, and doors illuminated by LED lighting to improve the customer experience.

These units are highly customizable to fit specific storage needs, temperature ranges, and space requirements, offering efficient cooling solutions. It allows businesses to keep the perishables fresh and safe while offering good visibility and easy product access that entices the consumers and leads to product purchases.

Furthermore, to guarantee superior quality conformance, all materials and components used by Sapphire adhere to NSF/ANSI standards, and every unit undergoes thorough testing prior to being shipped.

Key Benefits of Sapphire Display Units

Here are the major advantages of using Rinac’s walk-in freezer or chiller cum display units.

Avoiding spoilage of perishables

Generally set between +2 and +8°C, a display chiller also meets the required storage temperature of 4°C and below for temperature-sensitive consumables and ready-to-eat food products in retail outlets, restaurants, eateries, and bakeries, increasing their shelf life and protecting them from spoilage.

Maintenance of hygiene

These Sapphire display units are ideal for keeping edibles and packaged food on display while shielding them from any kind of physical touch or contact from the buyers as well as external factors like dust, contamination, and heat.

Storage and display

These units are also a perfect solution for storing temperature-sensitive products in a controlled environment and providing an option to showcase the products to potential customers and buyers. Sapphire display units, thus not only increase product shelf-life and maintain their freshness but also grab customers’ interest and make them more accessible for a quick buy.

Salient features of Rinac’s Sapphire Display Units

Here are some unique technical features that set Saphhire units apart.

  • Cabinets are constructed from pre-molded panels insulated with polyurethane, designed with an appropriate thickness for swift and straightforward assembly.
  • The display doors feature low-emissivity glass, are filled with inert gas, have an anti-fog coating, and are equipped with self-closing hinges.
  • The display area is brightly lit throughout by LED lights integrated into the doors.
  • Shelving units, which can be adjusted, are crafted from frames of anodized aluminum alloy and shelves of polyethylene, all conforming to NSF/ANSI standards.
  • A single-panel door, which can be locked, provides access to the storage and restocking area.
  • The units also boast an automatic defrosting feature and are engineered to operate efficiently in high ambient temperatures.
  • These come with 1 or more doors with a capacity starting from 1000 litres

Applications of Sapphire Display Units

With the above features, Sapphire units are a market-leading choice in different industries when it comes to walk-in freezers and chillers cum display units. Here are a few sectors that can really benefit.

  • Shopping malls  and supermarkets
  •  Grocery shops  or retail stores
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Commercial Kitchens
  •  Food shops
  • Fast-food outlets
  •  Microbreweries and wine bars
  •  Cinema halls
  • Dairy kiosk
  • Cruise liners
  • Airports or railway stations
  • Cafeterias

Why Businesses Choose Sapphire

Reliable, efficient, and compact refrigeration operations are now a reality with Sapphire. They are preferred refrigeration units that support various industries’ varying display and storage needs. Here’s why.

Sapphire display units offer both visual and tactile access to refrigerated foods and beverages, seamlessly integrating into your existing layout to optimize your product presentation. These units enable an attractive display setup, enhancing product visibility and simplifying the selection process for customers. Additionally, they streamline the tasks of stocking and replenishing.

Ideal for exhibiting a variety of items such as fresh fruits and vegetables, ice creams and desserts, bakery items, and cuts of meat, Sapphire display units allow customers to closely examine the products for freshness before making a purchase. This not only boosts customer satisfaction but also strengthens their trust in the brand and business.

In essence, regardless of the industry you operate in, Rinac’s Sapphire display units stand out as the superior option available.

Final Words

When it comes to getting customers interested, it’s not just about providing high-quality products but also ensuring products are easily visible and accessible. This is where Sapphire display units can transform businesses, helping achieve storage needs and boosting sales with its desirable technical features.

To know more about Sapphire display units, get in touch with us today!

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