Maximising Shelf-Life: How LiteCold Modular Cold Rooms Can Preserve Perishable Products

Modular cold rooms are becoming the preferred choice for preserving perishable products.


May 22, 2023


Modular cold rooms are becoming the preferred choice for preserving perishable products. Because of their versatility, flexibility, energy efficiency, high level of customisation, and portability, they have found applications across different industries. If you are looking for facilities that can fulfil your need for small to medium-sized cold storage, then a modular cold room is the perfect solution. 

Why Are Modular Cold Rooms Important 

Modular cold rooms are the future of cold storage. Built on-site with a high level of customisation, modular cold rooms can help your business meet small to medium cold storage needs.  This has made them useful in hospitality, retail and supermarkets, horticulture and floriculture, pharmaceuticals, dairy, seafood, food processing, meat processing, and other speciality applications. 

There’s more to it. 

Modular cold storage solutions ensure the right temperature and humidity levels, extending the shelf-life and maintaining the quality of the food items. With the right racking solutions and pallet systems, you can make effective utilization of space in modular cold rooms. 

Additionally, since the temperature is maintained at lower levels, the risk of microbial growth is significantly minimised, keeping the food items safe. 

Factors You Need to Consider When Making a Choice 

Here are some factors that you may need to consider when choosing a modular cold room for your business. 

  • Identify the purpose of the modular cold room and the items or products you want to store. This will help you figure out what technical features are critical for your needs. For instance, you need to be clear about capacity, temperature range, humidity levels, etc. 
  • Consider if the chosen modular cold room is durable and sturdy. It should also be easy to maintain and clean.
  • Check the type of refrigeration system used including compressor and evaporator. The choice of refrigerant as well as the energy efficiency of your compressor can have a direct impact on your energy bills and cost savings
  • Make sure the prefabricated components of the modular cold room are food-safe, eco-friendly, and fire-rated. Additionally, the components should be easy to assemble, so the installation time is reduced. 
  • Look for additional features or accessories being provided by the manufacturer. For instance, alarm systems, safety valves, electronic controls, temperature regulation and recording, lighting, insulation for doors, etc. 

LiteCold: Industry-Leading Modular Cold Rooms 

With varied business needs in mind, Rinac has introduced energy-efficient and affordable modular cold rooms. They have been engineered to preserve huge quantities of frozen and chilled food products for an extended shelf-life without any compromise on quality. 

Here’s a closer at LiteCold modular cold rooms. 

How LiteCold Modular Cold Rooms Can Preserve Perishable Products

Let us dive deeper into the features and benefits of LiteCold modular cold rooms that help maximise the shelf-life of perishable products until they reach your customers. 

1. Energy-efficient refrigeration system 

LiteCold modular cold rooms have been designed for 38 to 45 ℃ ambient applications as well as quiet and energy-efficient operations. They are equipped with an air-cooled condenser unit with a reciprocating compressor and R407C/R404A refrigerant. Plus, the electronic control panel with a microprocessor-based temperature controller ensures the maintenance of uniform temperature.   

Rinac’s LiteCold primarily offers refrigeration systems for -18 ℃ and +4 ℃ with evaporators. 

2. Superior insulation 

The insulated panels used in the ceiling and walls are made of high-density PUR, offering superior thermal insulation. They come with the class O reaction to fire as per the BS 476 standards. The panel width is 1000 mm and has thickness options of 60 mm and 100 mm.  

LiteCold’s panels are laminated with PCGI (pre-coated galvanized iron) and are also food safe, making them a great choice for different industries. 

3. Temperature maintenance 

Rinac’s modular cold rooms are equipped with easy-to-assemble doors that help maintain desired temperatures by minimizing air exchange. Their insulation core offers energy-efficient insulation, reducing your energy bills. They usually come in thickness of 60 mm and 100 mm with PCGI lamination. Additionally, all low-temperature doors have frame heaters.  All these features offer better thermal and airtightness, maintaining temperature differentials. 

4. Quick installation 

The modular nature of LiteCold means that the pre-fabricated components can be transported to the site for assembly, reducing installation time and errors. Moreover, they are easy to dismantle and relocate. This means you can get your business running in no time with Rianc.  Scalability and expansion are also primary benefits of LiteCold modular cold rooms. 

5. Cost savings

Since modular cold storage from Rinac extends shelf-life and maintains quality, texture, and flavour, retailers can get the maximum ROI. Moreover, its eco-friendly, energy-efficient refrigeration systems can help you save money on energy bills and maintenance.

Final Words 

Modular cold rooms offer a perfect solution for small to medium cold storage requirements. So, when looking for the one for your business, choose the best one. Rinac’s LiteCold modular cold rooms are specially designed for energy-efficient operations. Equipped with best-in-class technical features and accessories, you can rely on LiteCold for all your cold storage needs. 

Get in touch with our team today and know how LiteCold can help you scale and yet save costs! 

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