Message from Founder and Jt. Managing Director

Message from
Founder and Jt.
Managing Director


May 18, 2022


Dear Patron,

Since its inception in 1994, Rinac has been continually evolving to deliver the best-in-class, innovative solutions in the cold chain and modular construction industries. Notably, we have emerged stronger from the unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting our customers and communities in the best possible way.

Harnessing our technical expertise and experience of working alongside the leading businesses, we have diversified our portfolio to serve various industries including hospitality, healthcare, warehousing, refrigerated logistics, horticulture, pharmaceuticals, food, poultry, and many more. Moreover, our pan India presence in the form of manufacturing units and regional offices equips us to offer robust customer support. We take pride in our ever-growing enterprising team which understands the need of our customers to develop scalable, sustainable, and economical solutions using state-of-the-art technology to address the unique challenges of each industry.

P. Sukumaran
Founder and Jt. Managing Director,

Further to our vision to become a leader in cold chain and clean construction solutions, we have recently launched our new easily navigable website to provide clear, concise, and up-to-date information to our customers. We hope this website will evolve as a go-to-platform for the experts and businesses to access useful insights of our industry. 


We are convinced that Rinac will keep fulfilling the expectations of our customers whilst being responsible and working towards continuous improvement. Lastly, we will continue to deliver to the best of our abilities to help our customers accelerate their strategic growth. 

Lastly, I wish Rinac and our customers continued growth and success!

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