Individual Quick Freezing in Action: A Look at Real-World Applications

Individual Quick Freezing in Action: A Look at Real-World Applications


June 8, 2023


Individual quick freezing or IQF not only offers convenience but also other benefits when compared to traditional freezing methods. It ensures better texture, flavour, quality, and intact nutritional value of the products being frozen for long-term preservation. So, whether you are a consumer, a food processing business owner, or a packaging consultant, you need to know about IQF and its real-world applications. 

Freezing Without Deterioration in Quality 

As the product ages, it loses its freshness due to bacterial growth and oxidation. Standard refrigeration systems tend to dry out food, strongly compromising product quality. By freezing of food, businesses maintain the product’s freshness and preserve its organic features like flavour, aroma and texture for a longer period. 

What Is Individal Quick Freezing?

IQF is a quick freezing method which is alternatively known as flash freezing. In this method, each piece is frozen individually and the pieces do not cohere or stick together into a solid frozen block. Since individual quick freezing is ultra-fast, it does not allow large ice crystals to form inside the cells, thus, retaining the original shape and texture of the product. 

Individual quick freezers can be a straight line, spiral, tunnel, etc. depending on the product and freezing requirements. It is used for products such as berries, peaches, chicken, shrimp, french fries, salmon, corn, peas, fish, etc. 

Spiral Belt IQF

Straight Line IQF


Why Is IQF Better Than the Other Freezing Methods 

When compared to other freezing methods, IQF is preferred by businesses of all sizes. Here’s why. 


  • The shorter freezing time prevents the formation of large ice crystals inside the cells. In fact, ice crystals that are formed due to slower methods of freezing are larger in size and can do cellular damage, affecting the texture, flavour and quality of the products. 
  • IQF delivers maximum uptime, meets or exceeds your hygiene needs, and makes processing easier and power efficient.
  • Since each product is frozen individually and items do not cohere, consumers can take out the portion conveniently that needs to be frozen. This means no leftovers and food wastage.
  • In many cases, producers package pieces separately to avoid clumping or sticking together. It is not only time-consuming and costly but also an environmental hazard. Individually quick frozen products on the other hand can be packaged together, thus reducing the need for packaging material. 

What Are Real Wolrd Applications of IQF

Let us dive into the diverse sector and industries where IQF is being widely adopted and used by businesses. 


Fruits and vegetables 

Individual quick freezers are extensively used in freezing fruits and vegetables as it is especially effective in retaining texture, flavour, and nutritional value for long-duration preservation. Individual quick frozen vegetables and fruits are used in retail, food servicing, supermarkets, etc. 

Meat and poultry 

IQF is used in freezing different cuts and types of meat and poultry products such as beef, pork, lamb, cut (diced) meat, chicken wings, chicken breast, etc. Since IQF does not allow the sticking or clamping of individual pieces, each meat cut retains its texture and shape. 


IQF is widely used in freezing shrimp, fish fillets, squid, prawns, scallops, etc. which are particularly popular in supermarkets, restaurants, seafood markets, and frozen seafood meals.

Bakery products 

Many commercial bakeries use IQF for freezing pastries, dough, muffins, croissants, and even bread. This helps retain the freshness and flavour of the items and is used in food servicing, retail and industrial applications. 

Dairy products 

Cheese, butter, and other dairy products can be frozen using IQF with a high yield and no lumps of grains or damage to the product. Plus, it also ensures food safety and hygiene of the frozen products. 

Spices and herbs 

Many businesses use IQF to freeze high-quality spices and herbs individually to prolong their shelf-life as it helps maintain the falvour and aroma for use in different culinary applications. 

Convenience foods

IQF is also used for convenience foods including ready-to-eat meals, snacks, and packaged food items. This not only offers the comfort of a quick and easy meal but also ensures that the texture and flavour of the products are intact for safe consumption. 

Rinac’s IQF: Versatile, Energy-Efficient, and Affordable 

Rinac’s IQF freezer unit comes along with matching (compatible) refrigeration packages (liquid over feed type) and is ready to install at the site. Some unique features of our Freezoline series include the following. 

  • Modules of capacity ranging from 500 to 5000 kg/hr
  • Enclosure made of energy-efficient sandwich panels with RPUF core and stainless steel /per-painted GI metal lamination inside and outside respectively
  • Stainless steel finish floor with built-in drain system
  • Single or multiple belt units of SS/ PE/ POM
  • High static fans for excellent fluidization
  • Variable speed drive with motor control VFD
  • Varying fin-type cooling coil of SS tubes/aluminium fins suitable for ammonia liquid pumping
  • PLC-based control panel with touch screen and product-based operation modes
  • Automatic Air defrost system (for Straight line IQF) with unique FROST BUSTER

To know more about how we can support your IQF needs more effectively, get in touch with us today! 

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