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Refrigerated trucks have made the logistics of perishable and short shelf-life goods much easier

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These specially designed trucks make sure that your items do not deteriorate or lose value during transportation and are fresh and safe as they reach your customers. However, the traditionally used reefer trucks do pose a challenge in terms of environmental impact as well as fuel and energy efficiency, especially in the secondary transport sector or last-mile delivery.

Our Customers bring their truck or van and Rinac builds RPUF insulated containers fitted with suitable refrigeration systems to be mounted on them.

To tackle these challenges, Rinac has innovatively designed ChillKart, a greener, economical and more efficient alternative to reefer trucks! This eutectic refrigerated truck requires NO FUEL or ENERGY to refrigerate and instead maintains cold temperatures during transportation with eutectic plates placed inside the insulated truck body. Hence, ChillKart reduces your annual expense significantly by almost 50% when compared to reefer trucks! Chillkart comes in two variants

  • Stored energy refrigeration combined with GRP- RPUF Insulated containers, Ideal for last mile delivery.
  • RPUF Insulated GRP containers with forced refrigeration for long haul .

Who Should Choose ChillKart

ChillKart offers an energy-efficient and environment-friendly refrigerated transportation solution across the following sectors:

Fresh floral or nursery produce


Milk and dairy products including frozen ice-cream

Frozen poultry and meat items

Frozen fruits and vegetables or fresh produce

Pharmaceutical Products

Salient Features

    • Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) and rigid polyurethane foam (PUF) sandwich panels manufactured using patented formo-bonding technology with CFC-free foaming process result in an insulated truck body
    • RPUF ensures good thermal insulation properties with conductivity as low as 0.022 W/m K
    • GRP sheets result in lowered weight which means higher payload capacity and effective area for merchandising
    • Temperature range of -15℃ to -25℃ which can be maintained for 10—12 hours
    • Eutectic plates eliminate the moving parts of the evaporator fan and compressor

    Apart from these, we also offer optional features to meet your specific needs such as

    • Strip curtains
    • Produce chute or side doors
    • Lighting options
    • Shelving and rack systems
    • Refrigeration systems
    • Multi-temperature application capabilities

Why Choose Rinac

Our cold chain solutions have been designed for better customer experience in terms of cost-effectiveness, energy-savings as well as performance advantages.

    ChillKart eutectic refrigerated truck will ensure:
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Easy unloading of products from roll containers through side service doors
    • Minimal service costs due to eutectic system
    • No additional need of skilled personnel for handling system
    • Longer service life—Life of system will be as long as that of the truck
    • Superior product safety in case of truck breakdown
    • Temperature maintenance without the use of external energy source
    • Noise-free operation and distribution
    • Eco-friendly solution with no exhaust

Want to Know How Can ChillKart Make Your Refrigerated Transportation Profitable?

For Cost-Saving and Eco-friendly Refrigerated Transportation, Choose Rinac!

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